Rainbow bookshelf

I love books. My husband also. Since high school we would rather buy books than take one from the library. It has something to do with the fact that you can always go back to your book, you just need to take it from the shelf. You can put notes, underline stuff. You develop a relationship with it. And then, there are memories. When I look at some of my books, especially the ones from my faculty years, I remember the amount of time that we spent together, sleeples nights and subsequent happiness after completed exam.


Once we started to live together, we realized that we have quite a collection. So we have built a nice bookshelf sistem for storage. I opted for long but short shelf, rather than a tall and narrow one so that I could have a nice additional flat surface for our indoor plant colletion and some memorabilia.


When we first arranged our books, they were sorted by the type (chemistry, physics, biology, dictionaries, garden stuff, etc.). This Tuesday I started my spring cleaning (or should I better call it – a four day cleaning marathon), and decided that I could rearrange the books because I have to clean the shelf anyway.


Pinterest is full of book organizing ideas, but I got particularly attached to one – rainbow bookshelves. Just make the search and if you are a booklover you will fall in love immediately. As we have enough books, this arrangement was quite doable.


And I made no mistake. It looks so gorgeous. I mean, I could just sit on the sofa all day and just look at it. It will take some time getting used to this new system and maybe few additional minutes until we find the book that we are looking, but it is totally worth it.

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One thought on “Rainbow bookshelf

  1. Am so envious right now. I’d like to have such bookshelves but unfortunately due to the teeth I have to have everything up in the air. They’re already chewing through the doors, rabbits.

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