Spring is here?

Ok, it is still rather cold, but we had a few nice days here in Croatia. Especially last weekend, it was great. We took this nice opportunity to spend the whole day outside for some gardening, first time this year!


Roses, fruit trees, grapes, shrubs… all of them needed a haircut as we prefer to do that in the late winter or early spring.


If you take a closer look, you can see my husband thinking that he is a monkey.



Also, I checked the status of other plants, and spring flowers are slowly growing. In a month from now, they will be in full bloom. Can’t wait!



Nice things are happening in the vegetable garden also. It does look a bit sad at this time of the year, but lamb’s lettuce looks really nice.


This week, I also bought three new cacti for our collection. As always, I immediately repotted them into terracotta pots. I love these pots, especially for succulents as they ensure good drainage. These will be a great addition to our succulent collection. However, I’m not happy when I buy plants and a name of species or variety is not listed anywhere. Manufacturers get really creative and they only write “succulent mix”. For these three, I think that for now I only managed to determine the name of the one in the middle – Stenocereus pruinosus. The one on the left is probably some Mammillaria, but I will have to get more into depth with that.


And of course, you can buy hyacinths everywhere now. I bought five of them on discount, they will be nice in the house for the next few days, but after that, they are going into the dirt. Next year, they will be lovely addition in some new flower beds that I hope to create this year.


Until next time 🙂

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