Fence for the strawberries

This blog of mine it’s not going according to plan, but let’s hope that that will change in some (near) future. 🙂

In the last days I have used few days off work and I spent a whole lot of time in the garden. Finally. I really worked hard so I’ve done a lot of work, but just before I show you the rest of the garden, here is one small piece. I’ve made a small fence around my strawberries.



Given the fact that I’m at the beginning of establishing my little garden and I do everything from scratch, last year I’ve planted my first bed of strawberries. They cached quite nicely and I’m really satisfied. I hope that I’ll have a nice little harvest for the first time, because everybody around here loves strawberries.

Anyhow, I was thinking if I needed a fence around them or not, but I decided that I definitely need it. Because they could be decimated after my dad mows lawn. My dad likes to mown lawn, but sometimes he is not the most careful person, so I had to think in advance. So this little fence was created. It is really easy to make, but it looks so great.



You will need:

Big gardening scissors

Small gardening scissors

Few straight branches (I have cut off few branches of hazel)




In my garden we have several hazels (Corylus avellana) so I used big gardening scissors and cut a few long and straight branches (circa 6 or 7 I didn’t count). I used small scissors for cutting any side branches that got in the way. Then I made small sticks that were around 20 centimetres long. As you can see on the pictures, I hammered them in the ground, one by one until I completely surrounded the strawberries. I didn’t bother myself with the diameter of the sticks, I like it like this. I wanted to use all the branches that I have cut.



I’m really pleased with this project, I think my strawberries will be safe. Now I just have to put some mulch around them and wait for the fruits in the following months.



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