DIY compost bin

I don’t know if I should even write how important it is to have a place for depositing organic waste in the garden. During vegetation season you will have really a lot of organic waste, but also you have organic waste from the house. It is really convenient to have a place where you can put all that, and also, after some time you will have your own humus that will be a great treat for your house and garden plants. Another plus is that you will have less house waste because you won’t have to put everything in the garbage.

Hrpa dasaka - Pile of boards

My first advice is that you should never buy plastic compost bin that you can find in garden centres. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about I had it here for some time and I can’t find one positive thing about it. It has a bottom and compost bin should never have one, it is plastic and prevents air flow through your compost pile because holes on it are too small. On the bottom of each side it has removable parts that you should lift up and take out the bottom layer of your compost pile which became humus. That sounds great in theory, but in real life it’s impossible because the process of decomposition is too slow (not enough air) and by the time you get your humus, your compost pile is so big that you can’t lift those removable parts.

Svatko može koristiti rucnu pilu - anybody can use a handsaw

Anyway, last fall I finally removed our plastic compost bin, and honestly I don’t know what my parents will do with it, but there is no place for it in my garden. Last week with my own hands I made a wooden compost bin, from some boards that were leftovers from different projects. So, I didn’t buy any special material, but I collected those boards, also I took apart a dog house from my Oscar (I mentioned him in my previous post) and used some of the boards. One part of his house I used for creating a potting bench, and as soon as I finish it you will read about it. Enough with the story, let’s get down to business.

 Komposter - Compost bin

You will need:

  • Wooden boards or pallets
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Handsaw
  • Pencil and meter
  • Enthusiasm

And yes, my compost bin is by no means perfect, gaps between boards are a little too big but I will fix that in some future. For me it is important that the construction is functional. Also, I didn’t have enough boards, I left one side open, but that’s ok for me at the moment because I can easily flip the content of the compost bin for faster decomposition.

Komposter - Compost bin

To be honest, I wasn’t quite precise during this project and I was working with the boards that I already had. It was important for me that I have big enough compost bin. When I decided where I will put each board, I labelled them, and first I put vertical boards in the ground. After that I added horizontal boards, one by one. Slowly, I have built my composter on all three sides. As I said, one side is without boards and open, but I used few smaller boards and made some kind of small doors. Anyway, in the end I have fully functional compost bin.

Komposter - Compost bin

On one side of the compost bin, near the fence, I planted some common ivy (Hedera helix). Common ivy is a plant that likes shadow and I would be really happy if she finds this a suitable place for her growth. If that happens, I won’t have a problem with grass and weeds, because as you can see this is really narrow space and it is difficult for maintenance.

Komposter - Compost bin

In the next post I will write few words about stuff you can throw in the compost bin, and what you can’t put in it, and all the things you should be careful about.

Komposter - Compost bin

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