I always wanted a garden

When I was little my mother had a vegetable garden behind our house. As time went by, and she started her own business she didn’t had the time for maintaining our veggie garden. And our backyard became an orchard with few plum trees, one quince tree, several hazelnut shrubs, one walnut tree and one pear tree.

Back yardPear tree in spring

In the mean time, I grew up and I really loved working outside and gardening. So I practiced in our front yard, I maintained our roses and all other nice plants that we have. So, few years ago I started thinking how I would really like to have a small veggie garden.

Back yardBack yard

Of course, that wasn’t possible, because we had the most beautifull and playful dog. He was a newfoundlander and he really didn’t care about the boundaries and places where he couldn’t walk and play. Our backyard was his kingdom.


So, after 12 beautiful years with my beloved Oscar, last year our backyard became a kingdom without a king. And now I’m not ready for a new dog and honestly I don’t have enough time for a new puppy. But I have for a garden. And that is the story.

Front yardFront yard 

Last October and November I started some working in the garden and I have planted some onions, strawberries and lettuce. Now I’m looking forward to spring and all the work ahead of me. Because starting a new garden is everything but easy. Yesterday I have built my compost bin with my very own hands. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I love it. You will read about it in my next post.

Front yard

 Small rock garden

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